Maven Story

We help ambitious entrepreneurs turn their brands into Mavens. Created out of the idea that every hungry entrepreneur deserves to understand how to see their business succeed, and realize their vision in the process.We’re pulling from years of experience working with Fortune 500 brands in the health, wellness, fitness, and consumer goods spaces, and breaking it down into a 3 part framework to make it digestible and applicable for entrepreneurs looking for proven methods to scale.The concept of a brand maven was molded by Cody Curran, through the influence that his father Jack Curran, an objective overachiever in multiple areas of his life and brand manager for multiple F500 companies. When we imagine a maven, that is what we see.


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What it means to be a maven


So what is a Maven? A Maven is a proven innovator, a connoisseur…an agent of change. A world full of brand mavens that flex with the times and have a framework and a strategy to outlast the ebbs and flows of time.We want every entrepreneur who works with us to “graduate” and have the tools necessary to endure long past their stay with us.”

Who we work with

Pre-Launch Brands

Seeking to lay strong foundations

Established Brands

That have plateaued and want to break through

Contender Brands

Who want to do more with less

In-House Teams

Looking to grow their digital IQ

Early Stage Brands

Looking for marketing firepower to scale

Passionate Leaders

Looking for fruitful partnerships