Peery Spoeneman



Why you do what you do?

I'm a thought leader, mindset magic influencer, digital creator, and host of The Whole Damn Brand Podcast, where I use my vast knowledge of physical and mental health in combination with my entrepreneurial and branding expertise allowing my clients to reframe their realities and create a life of abundance.

What are you known for?

i'm renowned branding specialist and motivational mentor, with a focus on setting unrealistic goals and creating a road map to achieve the “impossible”. I believes a strong accountability partnership in combination with encouragement and a healthy mindset can transform the future of any business.

Where else have you worked?

I have been in the entrepreneurial and business space for over a decade and worked with network TV stations, such as Bravo, Fox News, CMT, and various other production companies.

What is your role at MavenX?

I am currently the Director of New Business for MavenX as I have the ability of finding great entrepreneurs alongside understanding what makes their business tick and help them get what they need to reach their goals.

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