Cody Curran



Why you do what you do?

Well, in a nutshell, I’m mildly prone to obsession. Scratch that. I’m extremely obsessed with three things in my life. Peak performance, health/wellness/fitness, and business. I love all three fiercely. Those + coffee so you could say 4 things.

What you like the most in MavenX?

MavenXmedia was born out of the convergence of the three of these. It’s a way for me to:

- Help other entrepreneurs get their business to peak performance levels and turn them into Mavens

- Focus on helping the health/wellness/fitness spaces

- I love growing businesses. It’s been a passion of mine for many years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Side Hustles?

Oh, and my side hustle is as a professional ultimate frisbee player for the Indianapolis Alleycats of the AUDL. Been playing since I could pee standing up. Thanks to my dad who won nationals with the St. Louis Tunas, and with Minneapolis, Surly.

He also ran the Anheuser Busch account at another St. Louis based ad agency for 15+ years and was ranked the #2 black and white photographer in the world. You could say that my dad is largely where I got my obsession with business/marketing and peak performance. It’s kind of in our blood! And the culture and team at MavenXmedia are not far off. We all are obsessed with getting the absolute most out of everything we do, including driving results for our customers.

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