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Each service type fits a different need

And you can switch types at any point in time - Check out our growth tracks below..


Done for you

From Facebook & Instagram to Google, from Snapchat to Pinterest to TikTok, and from Email marketing to SEO – everything for 7 figure brands to make it to the next level.

1. MavenX Turnkey Growth Track
If you're under $2mil in annual revenue. This is where you should be.  

2. MavenXpert Growth Services
If you're $2 million + this is where you should be.

3. Consulting
If you're under $500k in annual revenue then you should consider starting here (unless you have a large advertising budget)


Do it yourself

While the agency services include consulting at no additional investment. You do have the option to have us guide you through the process at your own pace.

We give you the plan, and your team implements the plan. This is a 3 month commitment on our end to get your business the plan and aid in the implementation from the sideline.


Done with you

We offer a variety of early-stage investment options. From Revenue Sharing/Cash Split (Funded Startup/eComm Brands only*) to connect you with low-interest business loan providers.

01 Equity (Or PhantomEquity)
If we are the right fit we offer the option for us to go all in and partner with your brand.

02 Profit Share
If your business is a good fit aka gross profit margin is 40%+, this is a great option for both of us.

03 Revenue Share
If you are looking more to capture market share rapidly, and are currently focused on sales vs gross profit, this is a great option.

Individual agency services

Website Creation/Optimization, Enterprise Level Brand Kit, Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Newsletters, Influencer Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising,  Amazon FBA, Photography & Videography.

We will work with you to create your long term brand growth strategy. Including social media strategy & management

We will clarify your UVP, clarify your messaging, and differentiate you in the market

Our framework leads to proven success in driving leads and direct sales

Facebook, Google, Tik Tok. Youname it, we have a formula fordriving an ROI for your business.

Our MavenX Scaling Blueprint lays out the exact order in which to implement each marketing initiative. Say bye to tactical marketing.

We execute with break neck speed and iteration to find out what works best, quickest.Faster iteration = faster results.

What you get regardless of the service

65 Page Digital Marketing Audit + Branding Audit & Competitor Analysis

10 Page 2021 E-commerce Cheat Sheet

Full 60 Page Future Maven Plan ($7,500 if purchased a la carte)

Mindset, Marketing, Infrastructure, Tools, and Action Plan

Filled out together with the MavenX team

Bulletproof plan to scale your business

24/7 access to the entire MavenX team via Zoom/Hangouts, Slack, Email, Instagram24/7 access to our extensive network of global entrepreneurs, news publications, influencers, content creators, angel investors, VC’s, financial business advisors, Tax Minimization Team, seasoned business mentors.

Get access to a free Business Financial Consulting Call with a CFP when you sign up for a package.BUT we only do three of these per month because our guy Pat can’t take on too many new clients each month and we want to make sure that the entrepreneurs we send him are extremely invested in their own success.

Getting started with Maven is as easy as 1,2,3...

Scheduled strategy session

This is where we get to know you and your business to see if us working together would be a great fit.

Implement marketing initiatives

Based on your metrics and goals we will recommend a certain program to start with, but it is up to you to make the best decision for your business. We only want to work with entrepreneurs ready to blow the lid off of their business.

Share your brand with the world

We will turn on the 3 step scaling process and the revenue/leads will jump dramatically as we optimize the campaigns.If you can’t handle an influx of 50+ additional leads or $100,000 in additional revenue then we recommend you avoid the agency right now and steer more towards consulting or co-investing to make sure your infrastructure is in place.

The ecommerce growth formula

Taking everything into account
This is the exact formula our CEO and founder used to build and exit his first profitable ecommerce business at the age of 26.

Like we said before, if you aren't seeing this...RUN! Using this formula in tandem with our Enterprise level analytics platform (which you have access to) gives us the most accurate possible measure of marketing success.

Great partnerships start
with a shared vision