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Frequently asked questions

What makes you any different from other agencies?

At MavenXmedia we use various analytics tools to be able to track exactly where your customers are coming from. On top of that we also only work with clients in the health, wellness, fitness, and personal growth spaces, and have a system proven to get results time and time again for that industry.

Are you a consulting business, agency or both?

Both, we offer agency and consulting services, depending on the stage of your business.

How much is it going to cost?

It is different for each client. We use Cost + Value pricing. Meaning, we price our services to cover the cost to fulfill and then the investment on your end will change based on how much value we believe we can drive. I.e we price based on our ability to drive an ROI for your business.

How will I know if it's working? When will I see results?

While not precise, we can drive tangible results in under 90 days. And serious results in 6+ months. This is an investment. You don’t get a real return on investment in the stock market after 1, 3, 6, 12, months of investing.A marketing investment is the same. Good things take time.

What industries do you specialize in?

Our 7 Steps to Maven Blueprint for scaling your ecommerce business has been proven successful across multiple D2C industries including but not limited to Fitness, Wellness, Health, Nutrition Outdoors/Active Lifestyle, Food and Beverage, Apparel and Fashion, Beauty, Finance, Real Estate.

How much efforts needed my end?

To protect our time and effort, and make sure you get the results you deserve for your business, we have certain guidelines and requirements for every client. We want you to make 90% of calls, require you to complete tasks we give you within 48 hours, while using the offer structures and content we give you. It's important to not deviating from our agreed upon strategy.

Will I be locked into a contract?

While it is very case dependent, we do our absolute best to avoid contracts that will lock you in with crazy terms and clauses. We’ve been there, we know how uncomfortable that can be.

What if I find an agency cheaper, should I stay? Will you price match?

We strongly caution against being “penny wise and dollar foolish”. Invest in the best, get the best return. Cost cut, and get costly returns. Just note that if you work with us.

What guarentees do you have?

90, 100, 110 Guarantee”“In 90 days if we don’t deliver on 100% of what we agreed on, then we’ll send you back 110% of the money you invested with us. That’s right, we’ll pay you!”